Project and Policy

Facilitating and offering specialised expertise, processes and evaluations to advance efficiency and productivity. We are involved in project management, benefit-cost and economic analysis, planning for infrastructure, project viability and value, funding mechanisms and policy development

Delivering Project and Policy services

We are enthused and motivated in coordinating, collaborating and communicating around all aspects of Project and Policy delivery. We manage strategies, investigations, research, assessments, designs, community consultations, evaluations and commentary around transport infrastructure, funding mechanisms, town planning and behavioural science.

Our Project and Policy team can:

  • Deliver studies to assess project viability and value, including providing specialised support towards developing new and innovative projects

  • Lend expert advice on funding mechanisms and sources for a broad range of Public-Private Partnership and infrastructure projects

  • Produce benefit-cost analyses, economic analyses and mathematical programming and optimisation for economic analyses

  • Lead, review, assess and manage complex and demanding projects

  • Develop strategy, policy and procedures.

  • Supply specialised expertise, processes, and evaluations to increase productivity and efficiency

  • Research and review aspects to support infrastructure projects or practices

  • Lead, review, assess and manage complex and demanding aspects