Urban Science

Delivering leading methods and investigations in urban and regional developments.
We are involved in customising agent-based modelling, planning for smart-cities, investigating infrastructure and transport, informatics and assessing climate change vulnerabilities.

Shaping Urban Science services

We strive to offer the latest ideas, technologies and practices across all aspects of Urban Science. We undertake reviews, investigations, modelling, designs, evaluations and realisations around infrastructure for transport, urban development and climate vulnerability.

Our Urban Science team can:

  • Produce business case studies and economic assessments for major infrastructure developments
  • Apply human–computer interaction approaches in analysing and explaining urban activities
  • Evaluate transport networks, infrastructure and vehicle and people movements
  • Perform spatial analyses, visual analytics and statistical interpretations
  • Customise agent-based modelling using Multi-Agent Transport Simulation software (MATSim) and create user-friendly interface software
  • Produce models using simulations showing movements of multiple agents and interacting simulations with other modelling outputs, such as flooding data, mobile phone data, health data
  • Source and offer specialised expertise and input to support the development of infrastructure schemes